Ding’n Out: Episode 2, EverKillin It

Welcome to episode 2 of Ding’n Out!
In this episode:

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Email: SandboxQuint@gmail.com

Twitter: @SandboxQuint

Theme music by http://www.teknoaxe.com/

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  1. Great episodes! Loving the podcast so far. I hope you keep at it. Ever thought of doing a EQ/P 1999 exclusive podcast?

  2. Thanks, I appreciate the listen! As for an exclusive EQ cast, I’ve thought about it. I think if I get into doing some EQ exclusive content it will most likely be in the form of Lets Play videos on YouTube. Although until that actually happens EQ is going to have a big influence on the cast for the foreseeable future, as I’m hooked big time.

  3. Same here bud!

    If you ever need a free port, send my druid Gurkyn a tell. Hope to see you in game.